I have worked with small business entrepreneurs for many years.
I have spent most of my Professional life working with companies helping ship their products worldwide.
Many started as a home businesses.
They grew from one-person enterprises to medium-sized businesses, and some have gone to develop to large companies.

Andrew, we are starting this business, and now we want to manufacture this product. Where do we get supplies, and how to get them here?

Speaking Languages

In the international  Freight/ Shipping business, they were soon bewildered by all the steps required for shipping.

One area of concern is Customs Regulations. Commercial trade is mammoth worldwide and has been going since the beginning of time. The customs and trade agreements are varied and Complicated for every country.

The Owner and staff would call a busy Customs broker and want information.

They  are faced with a whole new language of regulations, legal documentation requirements, Duty and tax rates s

More prominent established companies are busy, and small inquiries are best, but they can’t spend time giving information pertinent to the Smal business start-up. Still, if the Company establishes that it will not be a large importer, it would only spend so much time.

Their expertise is vital to importers but tough to get, and they would need this service, but they were confused.

I was not a customs broker, but I could speak their language and translate for the business. Quickly.

i realized that my role needed to be an Interpreter and guidance person. in  the entire shipping process

I started in the industry working for a customs broker.  I learned to speak their language.

I  developed  more expertise in  all modes of Shipping around the world

The results are that   when Small businesses contact me,

I   Quickly designed a Comprehensive shipping program that gave them  access to Big Business discounts  and expertise worldwide, Saving Time and money

Expertise available

  • Canadian / US customs consulting
  • Documentation
  • Ground shipping across North America
  • Air-Sea Freight programs World Wide
  • Insurance / Claim consulting
  • Canadian  Warehousing

How can I help

If you are s shipping currently and are having issues you can contact me for a  Free  1hour freight strategy session that will provide a clear picture so you grow your business.

Contact    or call  607 807 1667   700- 500pm  PDT